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Barnett Capital Ltd.

No points. No interest on amounts not yet funded. No credit score requirement. And, for Chicago-area investors, no experience required.

Barnett Capital Ltd. provides financing on non-owner-occupied investment properties, including single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use properties. Chicago-area investors can take advantage of our program for new fix-and-flip rehabbers, which leverages our own status as one of Chicago’s largest rehabbers to guide you through the entire investment process from sourcing deals to selling your properties.

Amount funded

  • Up to 85% of total project costs.
  • Up to 100% of total project costs with sufficient additional collateral.
  • No loan-to-value limitations.

Funding structure

  • At closing, the borrower provides as little as 15% of the total project costs and we provide the balance due at closing.
  • We fund 100% of renovation costs as work is completed, typically in 3 to 4 draws.
  • 10% of the total renovation costs may be funded at closing if the property is owned free and clear.


  • No points. No origination fees. No processing fees.
  • Only pay interest on amounts actually funded.
  • Annual interest rate of 16.99%

Approval criteria

  • No credit score requirement.
  • Borrower’s ability to service the financing.
  • Investment property’s value, type, location, and marketability.
  • Value of any additional collateral provided.

We also have a financing program for certificates of sale and will consider financing ground-up construction for experienced Chicago-area developers.

For more information on any of our residential renovation lending programs, or to apply, please contact Vincent Pace at (224) 205-7271.

Medford Capital

(“Medford”) is a full service lender and real estate expert in Chicagoland. Medford finances rehab projects and will also joint venture in situations where the investor is short on cash but has a good deal. Typical lending rates are between 10-12% and 4-5 points. Medford will generally lend 70%-80% of the total project cost (purchase price plus rehab budget), up to 65%/70% LTV, depending on investor experience level.

In addition to lending and partnering, Medford is unique in that it brings many other valuable services to investors:

-Deal Analysis -Repair estimate validation -Scope of Work assistance -Assistance preparing draw paperwork -Construction inspections -Trustworthy team members – Attorneys, Realtors, insurance agents, contractors, accounting, etc -Design selections -Overall consulting/mentoring

We look forward to hearing from you!

224.210.0105 http://medfordcapital.com/Home.html

Renovo Financial

Direct lender for: Rehab Loans, Bridge Loans, New Construction, & 30 year private land lord loans for rentals Call for terms – based on loan type and borrower

222 W Adams St. Suite 1980

Chicago IL 60601



RMAC Lending

We are a direct, private lender. We lend our own money. We are not a “broker” of funds. We are a “husband & wife” team. Our company consists of us, plus 2 assistants. (There’s no committee or mystical board of directors!)

We have made loans in the Chicago area (all over the city and suburbs!) for almost 4 years. We have made loans in the OKC area for 12 years, in Dallas for over 4 years, and in Wichita for less than a year. Current # of active clients = around 45.

Decades of personal experience with various real estate investments in OKC. Rich has purchased over 600 single-family homes within the last 11 years. (to rehab & sell, or “phase one” cleanout, spruce up and sell) Rich has kept over 130 houses for our current rental fleet. (a few of these are duplexes)

We provide very personal, hands-on service. We want to be a part of your Team. You need a great Realtor, a fantastic contractor, good insurance agent, competent Real Estate attorney – – – and you need a Private Lender who provides quick, easy, personal service.

We finance 100% of the Purchase Price, and 100% of the Rehab Cost, up to 70% ARV total.

Maximum loan, per property = $350 K. Maximum total loans at one time, per “experienced, repeat” client = $700 K. (might be 2, 3, 4 properties at a time)

It’s Quick and Easy to “become a customer.” ($100 fee). If approved, you receive a “proof of funds” letter from RMAC Lending. Simple and brief form to complete. No “net worth” or “income declarations” paperwork mess. Simplified repair draw process.

We meet all of our clients in person, and we visit the rehabs on a regular basis. We do pull a tri-merge credit score, and prefer 650 or better. Cost is 5 points and 15% (annualized). If a client has a credit score of over 720, the interest rate is lowered to 14%. Term is for 6 months, but for large rehabs, the term may be approved for 8 months.



Rich and Karen McLain


Continuum Capital Funding

Continuum Capital Funding is a Chicago-based hard money lender specializing in providing financing to full-time, professional residential re-developers in the Chicago area.  Most of the projects we fund are 4-20 unit buildings, as well as some well established SFH rebuilders.  Our rates are in the low teens, we lend up to 75% of the value of a project and require a first lien on a property to collateralize our loans.  A typical developer’s line of credit we provide will fluctuate between $100,000 and $700,000 outstanding over time.  We do not finance land or “from the ground up” construction, only rehab/rebuilding projects.

Continuum Capital Funding
216 W Ohio St, Floor 5
Chicago, IL 60654
(p) 312 620-1100

Standard Holdings Inc

Small hard money firm. Specializing in acquisition capital. Typically up to 90% LTV of purchase price. Open to working with new investors. No committee or partner approval needed. Owner approves all deals.

PK Patel

Standard Holdings, Inc

P.O. Box 1341

Arlington Heights, IL 60006

Ph: 224-436-0290

Fax: 847-626-9697

E-mail: PK@StandardHoldingsInc.com

Sherpa Capital Group LLC

We are a bridge lender focusing on investment real estate (single family homes, condo developments, mixed use, apt. buildings, ground up construction, commercial, etc).

We focus on small balance deals in the 50K-3M range and can go higher on a case by case basis.

We have flexibility on ltv, term and provide execution in a timely manner.

We have been very active with financing ground up construction over the last 18 months:

Two recent ground up construction projects (spec) we financed in Chicago:

Wicker Park – Luxury Single Family Home

Bucktown – 3 New Condo Project

We are the direct lender (NOT broker).

You can also see some funded deals with case studies and pictures here and learn more about us:



I can be reached at 773-593-0059



Rahul V. Shah, CPA

Sherpa Capital Group, LLC


Office – (312) 602-6211


HomeSave & RESolutions

I’m excited to let you know that we have new rates on our 6-month, interest-only loan to as low as 11%! On top of that, we’re adding a new 30-year, due-in-3 loan to help you cash flow quickly on your rentals!

Our new 30-due-in-3 loan is perfect for expanding your portfolio and unlocking cash from your existing rental properties without having to worry about high payments. Buy or rehab properties to build your investment business with this one-of-a-kind loan. We are offering this new rental portfolio loan beginning April 1 for both purchases and cash-out refis. 

Looking to flip the property? The interest rate on our 6-month I/O just dropped again, for the second time this year. You can get a loan specifically designed for flippers at as low as 11% and 3 points, also starting April 1. I am letting you know first about these new offers, so get ahead of the competition and give me a call (630-640-9060) or email me (ahdzloans@gmail.com) so I can tell you more.

Our entire process still takes as little as two weeks and like always, our loans primarily rely on the value of the property so there is no minimum credit score to qualify for any of our loan products. We don’t do a full credit check or income verification or anything like that. It’s credit score only. 

Product Overview and Flyer. I look forward to speaking with you about your investment needs. For now we are not doing cook county.

Jordan Capital Finance

Jordan Capital Finance is a direct private money lender serving residential rehab investors who acquire, renovate, rent, and sell properties. We commonly provide lines of credit to established“fix and flip” borrowers in select national markets, supported by “common sense” underwriting and flexible, customized programs. JCF also provides loans to investors that rehabilitate and lease properties; new construction (ground up only) loans; and non rehab loans. For select customers we fund at auctions. Our lines of credit are available up to $5 million. We do notloan on owner occupied properties.

Property Type:

Non-owner occupied residential. 
(Single family and multi-family up to 25 units.)


JCF loans generally do not exceed 65% of the after repaired value of the property. We typically finance up to 80% of acquisition and renovation expenses. (70% for multi-family)


3-36 months

Jeff Malach

Senior Business Development Director

Jordan Capital Finance

5 Revere Drive #410

Northbrook, IL 60062

O: 847-313-4728

C: 248-910-3398

F: 847-521-7833

Midwest Corporate Credit – Builds Business Credit, NOT HARD MONEY

MWCC assists business owners to obtain working capital to start-up. grow & expand their company. No up front fees & a simple pre-qualification. The stated income program is designed for small business & start-ups. The full doc program is for companies with the financial wherewithal to provide financials, such as a YTD P&L, balance sheet, tax returns & deposit statements.




2 East 22nd St. Suite #217

Lombard, IL 60148



Fx: (630)281-5915



Please call 630-544-1504 if you are an active lender in Chicago and would like to have your information added to this directory.

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